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Behind The Quotes of

Quote Junkie Diaries


Bonjour! My name is Jamila N. Bryant and I am the author behind Quote Junkie Diaries. An 18yr Air Force Veteran, I'm passionate about  financial wellness, leadership, professional development, and have a sweet spot for inspirational quotes, hence the name Quote Junkie. Through my moments of life uncertainty and adverse situations, I began to realize the value and impact of inspirational quotes on my life and was inspired to write my own quotes.
After receiving positive feedback from my quote postings on Facebook, I decided to take my personal quotes, compile them and produce Quote Junkie Diaries: Inspirational Quotes Volume I  to spread positive energy and vibes into the Universe and help people going through challenging life situations. This is the first volume of my personal quote collection, with more inspiration to come. Stay tuned for new products for Fall/Winter 2020!

Burano Island, Italy; May 2017
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